Eva Update!

It’s been a long time since I’ve really updated here about Eva and how she is developing. She will be two in June and it is amazing how much she has changed not just in the past 24 months, not just the 12, but the past 6 months. She has really changed from a baby/toddler to a full-blown child.

She holds her crayons like a big girl with her fingers instead of her whole hand. Her coloring has gone from crazy, spastic scribbles to trying to write her name and attempting to draw happy bubbles. She can identify a few colors reliably and when she doesn’t know the color, she asks. Which, really, she does for everything, even the things she does know the answer to.

Eva loves spending time with Micah. She has turned into a HUGE daddy’s girl and, despite what he says, she has Micah wrapped around her tiny tiny fingers. Eva runs to the door whenever she hears his keys inserted in to the lock, jumps up and down until he opens the door, and, being the good daddy that he is, no matter how tired he is or how sore his body is, he lifts her up as she squeals in excitement to see her favorite person.

 Eva also loves to spend time with Greenlee. Us adults are clearly become lamer each day, because Eva can’t wait to be able to sit and watch movies with Greenlee, or go out and run in the bubbles with her. Greenlee has become (or, more accurately, always has been) the super cool older cousin that knows how the world works and is slowly sharing her secrets.

As she grows, Eva becomes easier for other people to be able to spend extended periods of time her. Since she pretty much goes to the potty 100% of the time, no more trying to lug around a bag full of cloth diapers (both clean and dirty). Eva loves getting to be with other people who aren’t mom.

 Eva learns very quickly now, not only do we see her figuring out puzzles much faster now, but also hear her saying things that almost 2 year olds shouldn’t be saying.

We’ve had to work more on actually having some learning time and not just play and have fun time. She truly enjoys sitting on the floor and going through our phonics flash cards or pointing out different pictures and identifying what it is. She can help me wash the dishes, prepare dinners, and even cut up her hot dogs for lunch (even though she ends up eating more than we use).

 But even with all her growing up, it is still obvious that she still is part baby and not quite as grown up as she acts. As you can see from the picture on the left and how she is being quite pushy in it, she is still breastfeeding. Which I totally expected and am fine with. I didn’t/don’t plan on weaning her, but rather let her wean herself. She is pretty much done with it during the day now, but she still goes to it when she gets an owwie or just over-stimulated and needs to calm down, but those moments have become few and far between.

Sleep doesn’t even really require my involvement, but she definitely goes down for the count easier if she is latched on. She sleeps through the night now, which is glorious, but isn’t quite in her own bed yet. Some days she just can’t get to sleep in her room and we all are just tired. Or she is having some growing pains and needs us to help her sleep. But either way, we are in a good place with sleep and a little happy she still wants to be close to us.

Playing has evolved from the easy games of peek-a-boo into needing to RUN RUN RUN and JUMP JUMP JUMP and CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB. There is always the great thump followed by the terrifying silence of a child trying to figure out just how loud to scream.

Everything in has become in reach and no matter how hard I baby proof it never is quite enough and she finds some new way to get a bruise or scratch that I didn’t even think was possible.



Eva also has developed some caring skills. She loves feeding the doll I made her. (By the way, she named the doll the ever original “Baby”) Baby’s favorite thing to do is to use the potty after Eva does. She always is pooping, and I wonder if maybe Eva should stop feeding her bananas all the time. We sometimes even catch Eva nursing Baby which makes this lactivist mommy quite happy.

Everyday comes with amazing adventures even if we are just going to stay at home. I no longer have  days where I am bored and have nothing to do. Eva has brought so much excitement to our lives that we never knew we were missing out on. Nothing she does could be short of amazing, even when she is doing the most bratty of thing possible. We love her so much and couldn’t be any happier.

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