Meeting John Green and My Hearing

I met John Green on Sunday January 22, 2012. He signed his latest book for me. He also spoke at the Freedom to Read event in the Central Dallas Library about banned books and why they are so bad. There was lots of laughing and agreeing at the event. Overall, it was very fun and entertaining, except for the fact that I could barely hear any of it.

Some of you might know that I have been having a hard time hearing pretty much anything. I had my ears tests a few months ago and they said that I was, in fact, not hearing some of the lower tones, so I would have to adapt to that. I have, and lately, it feels (sounds?) like it’s getting worse. It’s difficult to hear Micah, it’s difficult to hear some music, I’m thisclose to giving up on listening to podcasts, and it is near impossible to hear John Green when he talks about banned books in the library.

It never really made me sad or angry or really anything other than slightly frustrated when I had to ask people to repeat things more than once that I was missing some sounds, but once I was sitting in front of Mr. Green and clearly missing a lot of jokes and moving words, I was struck with what could be/is happening to me. (Thankfully I had someone next to me who didn’t seem to mind repeating some of the funny stuff) I gave up trying to hear the questions during the Q&A period after the speech after about the second question.

After the speech, he signed books. I waited in the line to have sign mine (with my name and everything, so fancy!) and I have been thinking of all these things to ask him and tell him.*  I waited not very long and then it was my turn and I handed him my book and he looked up and made eye contact with me and asked me a question. And I don’t know what the question was. I couldn’t hear him well enough to answer it and I didn’t want to go “huh?” so I just kinda smiled and stuck my hand out so I could shake his. Then I walked away on the verge of tears.

I really and truly hate this feeling that I’m missing stuff. I haven’t gone back to the doctor to have them check my ears again because there is a small part of me that is afraid that they will tell me that my ears are rapidly deteriorating. Or that I’m just going crazy and my ears are completely fine and there is no reason for my ears to be malfunctioning.

But apart from all my ear drama, it was awesome to be able to meet someone I feel is an amazing author, vlogger, and overall person.

*Like how each time he has been in meeting range of me, I’ve had some huge life event happening so I could go, like the first time he was in LA we were going to Vegas that weekend to get married, the second time when he was in Austin, the event was on my due date for Eva and Micah didn’t like the idea of me driving three hours away when there was a chance Eva could have been born.


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