I was at Joann’s getting some PUL to make a diaper cover. I’m in line and Eva waves to the people behind us. I turn back to make sure she isn’t waving at some axe murder. She is waving at this family; Mom, 4(?) year old, and 2 (?) year old. The 4 year old girl looks at me confused for a second then informs me quite loudly:

“You look like a bull with that thing in you nose!”

I laugh because while it is not the first time I’ve heard it, it was the first time I’ve heard it said with a sort of pride in the announcement. I laugh and say thank you while the mom kinda snaps at her daughter letting her know it’s not polite to call people cows.

“But MOM! I’ve seen them! BULLS WEAR THOSE! She looks like a bull!”

I can’t help but laugh at the situation. The little girl is adorable while she is making her connections. The mother is mortified and probably wants to crawl into a hole. Eva is happy the children are looking in her direction.

The mother apologizes over and over again, and just let her know it I’d totally fine. It had made my day, in fact! Nothing fazes me anymore when it comes to my body modifications. I wouldn’t have them if I cared what people thought of them.

Then the little girl tells me knock, knock jokes while we finish up the check out line. Best trip to Joann’s ever.

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