Not-So-Wordless Wednesday


This week has been a Breastfeed-All-Day kind of week.

And it’s been tough. So, Friday you know about. Sick, vomit, yuck, blah blah blah. Saturday was the hangover from the sickness, still not eating much food, just nursenursenurse. Sunday involved more food and going to church and seeing family.

Monday was the well child check up. She is fine and growing. A whooping 21 pounds 9 ounces and 31.5 inches. They asked if she could do this yet or that yet and I said, yep, had been for a while. She produced these blocks to see if she could stack them. Of course she could, that’s all she does is stack stuff. Then she produced a baby doll (Which Eva got quite excited for) and a baby bottle, and asked Eva to “Feed the baby.” Eva doesn’t know what a bottle is! She is the daughter of a lactivist! Babies dolls don’t need baby doll bottles! So she couldn’t do it. The nurse asked if I had ever seen her feed a baby. I explained that she does, in fact, feed her baby, just not with a bottle. That when she “feeds her baby,” the baby goes into her shirt. Or mine if I’m close by. The nurse seemed confused, but accepted it and moved on.

Then the naked once over to make sure she is a girl, I guess? I never understood why they must check if the privates are there, but it happened. Got to explain that cloth diapers are super nifty now and that everyone should try them. Had nurses come in for something and compliment Eva on her “real diaper.” I was so proud of her and her poo holders.

Then came the shots. Two shots in the leg. It was awful. Eva isn’t really “baby” anymore. She’s all kid. But these shots reverted her right back into the crying inconsolable mess she was at a few months old. The limb, scared, “only a boob can help me” baby that I haven’t seen in a long time. I felt so guilty.

And when we got home, she fell down and hit her head on our DVD shelf. All this carpet surrounding her, and Eva bonked her head on the small foot of the shelf. Big knot on her temple. I was so paranoid and didn’t let her sleep or nap or nothing. Woke her up every 20 mins until it was like 1am.

It’s been a tough week.

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