Eva Uses The Potty (+ A Playground Photo!)

Some people call it infant potty training, others call it elimination communication. And still others call it natural infant hygiene. We here at the Moses household call it what it really is. Teaching Eva that it’s better to crap in the potty than shit in her pants.

It’s very simple. Let Eva run around bare butt-ed and when she looks like she is going to go, set her skinny little behind on that potty. Eva spent all day going potty. She slept through the night last night with no diaper and at nap time with no diaper. And was dry all day. When it was time to do a number two in the potty, she almost didn’t make it, but when she did, she looked so proud of herself!

I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow and I’m a bit nervous to do the potty thing out and about. I have cloth training pants (same thing as pull-ups without all the pesky dioxin) and I will have her in those and I will be bringing a traveling potty seat thing. Hopefully all will go well.


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