The Internet Can Be A Scary Place.

I get asked a lot why we don’t post her full name online. I feel that there is no need to have it out there.  If you know her full name, then you are close enough to me to have earned the right. I don’t think the internet needs to know it. I mean. She’s a baby. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Recently we had an issue with BabyEva and the internet. I posted a picture of her onto my Dailybooth and someone else took it and posted it on his/her account. I don’t think it was intended to be malicious, but it still really creeped me out.

Since this has happened, I’ve gone on a serious lock-down. I apologize to those who rely on us posting things online to see her, but I have to put her safety over everything. This doesn’t mean I will be cutting if all off. I just will be a lot more choosey over what I do put up. I will still post videos of exciting things that happen. I will still post pictures onto our facebook. I will still let everyone know about her current milestone.

I hope everyone is understanding of this.


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