BabyEva’s Birth Story

I wrote this the day after she was born. It probably has lots of grammar errors and definitely is full of TMI.

FYI: I had Eva at a birthing center with a midwife. This means no epidural, no pitocin, no medication at all.

It was a hard/easy labor. On Monday I was contracting moderately. I was able to walk through them and talk through them.

On Monday night/Tuesday morning they started to get less talkable, but walking still helped them a lot. I had an appt at 10:15, so we waited until then to go to the midwife, since things weren’t being a steady 5 mins apart. When she checked my cervix, I was 4 centimeters, 100% effaced. She asked if we wanted to break my water to get things going and we would probably have the baby that night. I said Yes. She popped the bag, it was warm and clear and perfect. So we went walking around the park next door to the birth center and about 20-30 mins later I started to get too hot and couldn’t walk outside anymore. So we went back inside and I walked in circles inside the birthing room and bounced/rocked on a birthing ball. At around 12 then said I was 6 cent so I could go float in the tub. That made the contractions a lot easier to deal with. I was in there for about an hour (1pm) when I started to feel my body pushing.

So they pulled me out of the water and checked me. I was 9.5 cent. It was just a little bit on one side that wasn’t moving out of the way, so Carol (the midwife) was able to push it aside while I pushed. I was out of the tub and squatting by the bed at this point. I squatted and pushed until her was crowning and then I got on the bed real fast like and finished pushing her out. Micah caught her even though he wasn’t quite planning on doing it, but it was wonderful, and I’m really glad he did. I tore in two places and the both needed stitches. Thankfully they are on my labias and not my perineal muscles so it doesn’t hurt to fart or poo or anything. Now that it’s the next day, I feel totally amazing. My stitches are the only thing that hurt. And my shoulders from hanging off the bedpost when I was pushing, but that’s more uncomfy then pain.

In total I was only pushing for twenty minutes, and the midwife says I was only in active labor for 6 hours. Which as most of you know is like totally nothing for a first baby. I’m so lucky.


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