BabyGirl’s name

Micah and I decided on a name for BabyGirl. It’s a really good name, everyone seems to really like it. It’s unique, it’s pretty, but I don’t think I will ever post it online. Maybe the abbreviated form, maybe just the first letter, but not the whole first name, and DEFINITELY not first + middle name. I’m really nervous about posting her online. I’ve never really cared about posting myself online or posting Micah online. But with BabyGirl, I get really anxious. I don’t want the whole world to know her name. I don’t mind if like I tell a friend, who mentions it to another friend, but I just don’t want to post her whole name with a picture online.

This video really describes how I feel about the subject, especially the last bit.

Now obviously, she isn’t going to have the “Look at his tiny penis” problem, but I know I will be taking a whole bunch of embarrassing pictures of her. Now of course the occasional one will be posted to facebook/livejournal/flickr but will I be posting the whole SD card? Definitely not.

Micah’s really be wonderful with me on understanding my personal fears about putting to much of her out there. I’m hoping that everyone else will be as understanding and not just think I’m being too protective of her.


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