So today this happened…

So today I fell at work on my stomach. It was very scary and worried both Micah and me. I slid on the wet tile floor in the bathroom at work. But both the baby and I are a-okay though. Micah drove me to the midwife and they hooked me up to the fetal heartbeat monitor. She was stubborn at first, and kept just kicking the microphone thing, but in the end she finally stayed still long enough for us to hear her. We also did a kick count while the heartbeat was being recorded. She was VERY VERY active. My stomach still hurts now, but both my midwife and I think that is just from falling. I also hit my head and my arm, but that didn’t really start hurting until I got home. I’ve got a little bruise on my arm.

APART FROM THAT today was very boring.

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