*facepalm* Why did I go so long without updating this!

Well, it seems I’ve turned TOTALLY STUPID! I COMPLETELY forgot about this blog. *is embarrassed*

If you haven’t been on my facebook/myspace/twitter/Micah’s facebook/Micah’s Twitter or just haven’t heard or seen me in the past few months, I’m PREGNANT! Woo!!! Actually, I’m very very pregnant. I just started my 7th month. 27 weeks. Very pregnant.

Micah and I also celebrated our one year anniversary a while back. We actually are at 1 year, 3 months, and 19 days. Not that we are counting or anything. =)

We are so exciting in our pregnancy. It hasn’t been the easiest of roads to go down, but we are definitely doing it better than we ever could have imagined. There are a few things we haven’t done (like put together the crib) but we are as mentally ready as one can get for the first baby. Did I mention she is a girl? Yep. Girl. =)

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