I just stumbled upon this video and OMG it’s so cute. So cute that I will have blogged about this twice by the time you read this post. How do I know? Because I won’t click “publish” here until I have published on my LJ! Bwhahaha…ha.

So yeah, that song is awesome. It’s happiness, and amazing, and I mean, come on, it’s about Mario Kart and love. (Did I abuse the comma? Yes, I do believe so.)

So, I’m so bored. I really should be cleaning, but I’m not. I should be pounding the pavement some more for a job, but I’m not. I feel like the job hunt just isn’t working. I put in application after application, but I still don’t get called in. I truely wonder if they put the signs out for “HELP WANTED” but in reality, they don’t want anyone. They know they can get the people there to do the same stuff without having to pay another body to do it. UGH. I just want a jobbb…

Wow I never though I would say that. Whatevers.

A lot of the pictures on the sidebar are of Aphro and Hera. Yeah. They are our babies. Imagine how bad Micah and I will be when we have real babies. Our how will be papered with the pictures. You will be trying to pee, and then you focus on the door, and see our baby just staring you in the eyes, slightly ashamed of what you are doing.

Fourth of July was yesterday, and it was so much fun. We sat, and we were a bit to close to the fireworks for my ears, but I have bad ears, and everyone else loved where we were. But it hurt my ears and we couldn’t hear the band which made me a bit sad. Boo hoo for me.

I feel bad for Giles. You remember Giles, right? Our fish? No? What do you mean I haven’t blogged about him ever?! I’m such a bad pet mom. Micah and I bought Giles the Beta Fish when we spending our first summer together. We were all like “We should get a pet to love and take care of!” (And by we, I mean me) So we bought him and his little bowl and his little plant and we loved him and stared at him and fed him beautifully. Now we just feed him, and don’t really stare at him as much. I feel bad. What if he thinks we don’t love him as much anymore because we got the cats? It’s not like we let the cats try to eat him or anything. They aren’t even interested in him. Maybe because the cats don’t care about him, THAT’S why he’s sad. I can’t help it if the cats just don’t seem to understand what a fish is, right?

People outside of our apartment are shooting off firecrackers and it’s scaring my cats. I don’t like those people. I’m going to slap them.

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