The Moses Family Manifesto!

We, the Moses family, strive to be a more green and energy efficient family. We do so to not only save money, but to also do our part in helping our beloved Mother Earth.

  • We will no longer use paper towels or napkins. They are not only expensive, but are also wasteful. Cloth towels and napkins will grace our kitchen and nothing else. (Except for probably large parties, when we don’t have enough cloth napkins for everyone to keep their greasy fingers off our sofa)
  • We will bring canvas, cloth, or homemade bags to the market. If any plastic bags do end up coming into our house, they will get re-purposed into garbage bags or crocheted into more shopping bags.
  • We will use smart planning when running errands. We will schedule out what we need to do, and then do it all in one trip. This will not only save gas, it will save time.
  • When it comes to light, we will only use energy efficient light bulbs. We will also turn off any lights that we are not using at the moment. For after hours, night-time bathroom excursions,  a portable light source will be used instead of turning on every light from the bedroom to the bathroom.
  • We will recycle everything that can be recycled. Either bring them in for the money, or give it to the city. For natural materials, we will compost them for our garden.
  • We will grow some of our own vegetables in our own garden. Anything that we don’t grow will be bought locally and without preservatives. (If possible)
  • When washing dishes, we will use a sink full of soapy, warm water, instead of it flowing from the faucet. We will only use the dishwasher when we have a full load of dishes, or we are almost out of pots. Which ever comes first.
  • We will only do laundry when we have a full load. The one exception will be our sheets. My asthma and allergies don’t agree with dirty sheets.
  • We will adjust the thermostat higher or lower depending on the season. To stay warm we will use blankets and jackets. To cool down, fans and cool drinks.
  • We will drink more juices and tea and less soda. If we can, we will make the juice at home instead of buying it at the grocery store.

We do this to save money, help the planet, and to give ourselves more time together.

Signed Micah and Clara Moses

1 thought on “The Moses Family Manifesto!”

  1. Excellent! What a great thing to live towards! Because of you two, this earth is on the way to being a better place for your offspring and those to come after us!

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