So I finally have my computer. I was getting the shakes not having it near me. I’ve set it up so that it’s facing the door. Unfortunately that means my back has to be facing the door, which means I wouldn’t be able to see the crazy ax murderer running in (which most of you know is why I can’t sleep with the closet open. Those guys could be anywhere I tell you!)

So I promised you all pictures from the packing and the flight. Here is the link to our flickr account. I’ll put the highlights here so you can see while you read. =)

Check out all the boxes! It wass so crazy seeing all my stuff all boxed up like that. It was even weirder seeing the men that box it not seem to understand that a dollhouse isn’t a playhouse. Both the packer men and the moving men kept calling it a “playhouse.” Silly Men.

And then we were on the plane! I will save you from the whinying that I did between those nights. It’s hard to sleep on a hard futon with a blanket when you are freezing to death.

It was really pretty to see the storm from that high, but also really really bumpy. Lots of nervous people around us. Apart from that it was a pretty normal flight. =)

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