Farewell to Disneyland

Micah and I went to Disneyland on the 25th. It makes me sad that it was probably the last time I’ll go to D-land this year. Anyhoodles! Time for happy stuff! The pictures!

Micah was very nice and put up with a lot of my being stupid with the pictures. Although he did bring up a concern that I might make our kids do the stupid things I made him do… And I said “Of course I will!” I mean. What kind of mom wouldn’t want her children to have awful pictures of them while at Disneyland?

Oh, I also would like to mention that I do believe I found my Halloween costume for this year?

Though of course, if you know me at all, you know I’ve already announced about five different Halloween costumes for this year. And it’s only January!

Aww! Aren’t we so cute?

And there are TONS more pictures on our flickr account! They are in reverse order, so the most recent picture will be the first you see. (The last one we took)

I think we are going to purchase a “pro” account on flickr. It’s $24.99 for the whole year, and that allows for unlimited photo uploading. I’m trying to talk Micah into letting me do it! =)

Another obbession that has cropped up is Where’s George.

It’s just a website that you can enter in the serial numbers of your bills, and then you can (if it all works out) see it “travel” the States. Of course it all depends on other people also entering the bill in as well… But the whole consept really is interesting to me. I’ve always stared at a dollar bill and wondered how many times it has been in a stripper’s underwear.

OH! And Yelp.com. (Link to my profile) It’s a review site that allows the Joe SixPack to review anywhere! Blockbuster, IHOP, Denny’s… Anywhere that you have been. It even allows you to review DISNEYLAND! Check it out!


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