Happy New Year!

It’s the first of the year. This will be the first full year Micah and I have been married. It’s weird to think that this time last year, I was partying with wonderful friends, and this year, I could barely stay up to watch the ball drop!

I wish we had pictures to show how much fun we had, but sadly… No pictures. We did have fun though! Mom made chicken pot pie (which was delicious) and then we all watched Dick Clark’s New Year show thing. I wanted to watch the 12 hour marathon of TrueBlood, but no one else wanted to, so that went out the window!

This will hopefully be a big year for Micah and I. We’ll be moving back to Texas, getting back/starting new full time jobs (Oh health insurance, how I love you), and getting our own place.

Micah and I decided to do actual resolutions this year, but we haven’t nailed down exactly what we want them to be yet, but when we do, you bet your booty they will be posted here! And with updates on them too!!!

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